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Effortlessly Manage Your Inbox with Toromail - Your AI Email and Comment Assistant

Toromail is a cutting-edge web application and browser extension that leverages artificial intelligence to assist users in managing their email communication effectively. The app provides users with smart auto-reply suggestions and contextual comments for their emails, making email correspondence more efficient and personalized.



In the Discover phase, our primary goal is to gain a comprehensive understanding of the Toromail project's objectives and requirements. We initiate this phase by engaging in in-depth consultations with our client, to capture their vision, goals, and expectations. Simultaneously, we conduct extensive market research to assess existing email management tools and AI-driven solutions, identifying potential gaps and opportunities in the competitive landscape.


In the Define phase, we transformed the raw data and insights gathered during the Discover phase into actionable problem statements and user personas. We carefully analyzed the pain points identified and crafted a clear problem statement that encapsulated the core challenge: improving email communication efficiency. User personas were created to humanize our target audience, allowing us to empathize with their struggles and preferences. Defining the problem and user personas provided a precise and shared vision that informed subsequent design and development decisions, ensuring our solution aligned with the needs of our users.


The Design phase was a pivotal step where we translated our understanding of user needs into tangible solutions. Collaborating closely with our UI/UX designer, we began by sketching wireframes and creating interactive prototypes. These design elements evolved iteratively based on user feedback and usability testing, leading to a user-friendly interface that aligned with our project goals. In this phase, we mapped out the user journey, designed intuitive dashboards, and crafted visually appealing interfaces. The Design phase transformed abstract ideas into concrete designs, setting the stage for the development and implementation of Toromail's features.

The visual design for the browser extension encompasses the aesthetic and functional elements that define its user interface.


Designing for the web app involves crafting the user interface and overall user experience of the application. The design process focuses on user-centered principles, ensuring ease of navigation, accessibility, and alignment with the established brand identity. Ultimately, the goal of the web app's design is to enhance usability, facilitate efficient email communication, and provide a positive and engaging experience for Toromail users.



Toromail has successfully addressed the challenges of email communication by providing users with an AI-driven solution that simplifies email management. Through careful design, development, and continuous improvement, Toromail has garnered a growing user base and positively impacted email communication for professionals and small business owners alike. The project serves as a testament to the potential of AI in enhancing productivity and user experience in everyday tasks.